The Histowiki website is reaching out to its readers and history enthusiasts all over the country to announce that they have published a new directory of Historical Societies in the US. This announcement marks the latest step the platform has taken in their mission to make U.S. history more accessible to the general public.

“We have put together this new resource to help our readers all across the country find new ways to connect with history and learn more about it,” states Jimmy Thompson, a representative of Histowiki. He continues, “We know how frustrating it can be to feel passionate about something and have no one to discuss the topic with as we have had first-hand experiences with the difficulties of promoting the value of a passion for history. That is why we endeavor to help historical societies facilitate their own ability to reach their like-minded audience. This new resource accomplishes just that, and through it, we hope to inspire new people to take an interest in the rich history of our country and help grow our beautiful communities.”

While the various Historical Societies listed on originate from regions all across the country, they all share at least two things in common: their passion for history and a strong desire to preserve it. While most of these communities focus on different areas of history, they welcome people with all kinds of interests to take part and educate themselves.

“What we love about these groups is the sense of community and the reassurance that you get from being with other like-minded individuals,” states Thompson. “It is easy to fit in with these people, and if you do join one of these groups, you will soon find out that you have a lot more in common than a simple passion for history and a craving for knowledge.”

For the time being, the web page for Historical Societies only hosts eight groups. However, Thompson states that they plan to add more groups over time (as they tend to do with most of the content on their website). So far, the list contains groups from Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and California. More information on the available resources can be found at their website.

One of the most notable Historical Societies that Histowiki features on their list is the group for the Detroit Historical Museum. The museum is one of the largest in the area, possessing one of the most active communities and the only Historical Society in Michigan.

Other states have the distinction of boasting several more Historical Societies. Texas, being the biggest and one of the most history-rich states in the US, supplies two Historical Societies to the Histowiki page. The most well-known of these is The Heritage Society, based in Houston. This group has an outstanding reputation as most of its visitors have lauded it for being a truly unique experience.

Through the Google platform, Vincent Clark’s review of The Heritage Society can give other interested parties a glimpse of what it has to offer. The review calls it, “A lovely collection of classic homes and churches. Awesome displays of turn-of-the-century artifacts used by early settlers and freed slaves. I highly recommend the tour. It’s one thing to see these structures from the outside, but you’ll be blown away by the interiors of these homes and churches. The tour guy was extremely impressive, and his knowledge of the structures as well as Houston history make it worthwhile.”

Texas’ other Historical Society is the Coppell Historical Society, a group with over 150 years of history that is still going strong. Their mission is to discover, preserve, champion and communicate Coppell’s rich heritage for present and future generations. Their website is one of the most complete of all the Historical Societies featured on Histowiki, containing everything from their hours of work, to answers for their most frequently asked questions.

Histowiki is a crowdsourced reference platform where history can be curated. All curators are responsible for moderating their topic and stimulating discussion and relevance of historical events with all site visitors. They welcome new visitors with open arms and encourage them to participate in the various topics of discussion frequently brought up on their site.

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