Why the SkyTrak Training Package is So Great

The SkyTrak Training Package is great for the recreational golfer who isn’t ready to make a huge investment in an in-home golf training simulation. This simple package comes with the basics of the mat, the net, and everything you need to start tracking your ball data at a much lower price than its projector units.

Here we will tell you all about the SkyTrak Training Package and why we think it’s a great product and an even better deal.

What’s Included in the SkyTrak Training Package?

This package has everything a recreational golfer needs to start perfecting their game in the comfort of their own home. With instantaneous ball data available after every swing, this powerful system lets you adjust your swing in real-time. Here’s a brief rundown of all that’s included in the package and then we will go into more detail about the individual items.

Included in your purchase are:

  • The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor
  • Protective Case
  • The SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan
  • Your Choice of Golf Net Either Home or Pro Series
  • Side Barriers to Avoid Damage to the Surrounding Room
  • A 6’x10’ Pro Net Return Turf
  • Two Rubber Tees Measuring 1 3/4” and 2 1/4”
  • A Storage and Transportation Duffle Bag That Holds the Whole Setup
  • Your User Manual and Quick Start Guide

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor

This is really what you’re investing your money in when you purchase a SkyTrak Training system. This monitor is touted as being one of the most accurate monitors available to recreational golfers.

It’s compared well even against top of the line machines the pros use.

This monitor provides tons of data through a variety of different measurements. The system measures and analyzes:

  • Back Spin
  • Carry Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • And More

It’s very easy to use and the whole system can be setup in about 5 minutes.

You’ll shoot your balls directly at the net and the data about your ball will immediately be available to the device you’ve connected the system to. The system links best to an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone for full capabilities but can also run a more simple version of the app on PC or Android devices.

The Protective Metal Case

Just like in the more expensive models, you’re also getting a luxury metal protective case with your purchase. The case is laser cut from 13-gauge steel. Once the system is inside you never have to take it out again.

The system can be plugged in and unplugged, turned on and off, and anything else you need to do without removing it from the protection. This case will prevent damage from all sorts of things like dings, abrasions, small drops, and more.

The case provides adjustable legs so that you can easily level or raise your system.

The Golf Net and Side Barriers

What’s the best part about this system? The net returns the ball to you. Every time you swing the ball rolls back like a well-trained puppy. No more chasing after golf balls during training.

The net is made in the USA and can tolerate high speeds of up to 225 MPH. It’s lightweight with polyester netting and an aluminum frame. The Pro Series net is about a foot larger that the Home Series.

How to Run the SkyTrak Training Package

Once you’ve setup your system it’s time to get to work practicing! It’s easy to get started tracking your information. You only need a couple things to get started.

To support the WGT golf course play you’ll need an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone. While it will function with a PC or Android device, you’ll have the best experience via iOS.

They recommend these dimensions as the minimum amount of space needed for the system to perform optimally:

  • 10’x14’ dimensions
  • At least 8’6” in height depending on the height of the golfer

You’ll want to confirm that you can swing the club comfortably in the space you choose without hitting anything. Having to adjust for smaller spaces leads to inaccuracies in your data. They recommend using these dimensions as the minimum needed you can always set it up in a space that is larger if necessary.

The Top Benefits of the SkyTrak Training Package

For the price, this system can’t be beat.

You’ll be treating yourself and your golf game to incredible accuracy due to the advanced algorithms used by SkyTrak. These measurements give you data on launch data, back spin, and more.

In addition to the tracking, this system also includes a number of different fun game modes that allow you to hone your game in simulated real-life circumstances.

The system is easy to use and setup and is compatible with multiple simulator software. It has photometric simulation to give you more accuracy.

The only drawback we have seen is that some golfers would prefer a more realistic feel to the simulation.

The biggest benefit is price. For less than $5k you’ll have a powerful and accurate simulation to boost your game that rivals’ competitors with a $20 or $30K price point.

The SkyTrak Training Package is Worth the Money and a Sound Investment

If you are a recreational golfer who wants to step up their game or have a nice way to relax at home this is a phenomenal package.

It’s easily stored away with quick breakdown and setup and a duffel that fits all the pieces. Consider this for a child who wants to get into golf too as a sound practice tool for at-home when they can’t get to the course.

With the accuracy of the data this little system gives you, you’ll be a better golfer in no time.

Are you looking for more golf simulators out there that are worth your time looking into? Check out our complete breakdown of the best golf simulators for home use here.

Ready to invest in your golf game? Check out the SkyTrak Training Package, currently on sale for less than $3,400 by clicking here.

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