What are the different types of CBD and why is there so much buzz around the best kinds of CBD supplements? The truth is that there is a compound in cannabis (known as Cannabidiol or CBD) that won’t get you high and has no mind-altering effects. But, it’s cropping up in foods from cupcakes to gummies and it’s legal across the US and elsewhere. The underlying principle is that it’s not against the law as long as the THC (mild altering) content is so low it cannot have any effect. Some say CBD so closely mimics some chemicals in our brains that it can trigger all sorts of health improvements. But, whether it does help with many conditions, from depression and anxiety to reducing or preventing epileptic fits, is unproven. Taking CBD is still little more than a matter of faith and personal experience. But, this new alternative medicine is where it’s happening right now! Read on to find out what you should know about this emerging phenomenon.

What are the Different Types of CBD?

CBD supplements are available in a wide variety of forms, for example, pills, powders, capsules, liquids, creams, and oils. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is well spoken of.

The pills and cream form seem to be the most popular ones, based on the number of products offered to consumers. Most people who have tried THC free CBD supplements like them the best. Although CBD supplements are not intended for medical use, it is still important that you try the pills and creams, which contain only natural and pure ingredients. That way what you take is likely to contain fewer additives and impurities that may be harmful to you.

However, many people still consider that best kinds of CBD are the oils and tinctures.

What are some of the best CBD products?

Let’s start with what it is, CBD. CBD is just about the most popular of all the alternative/medical marijuana/ hemp-derived compounds being sold to treat ailments. Ailments ranging from mild to more serious. It’s been used as a:

  • pain reliever,
  • an anti-convulsant,
  • anti-nausea agent and
  • even a sleeping aid for those who need it for sleep problems.

It’s also more than likely been the supplement of choice for many who have been prescribed non-medical marijuana for pain.

Cannabis for the Non-Stoner – Best Kinds of CBD Supplements to Try

Here’s the thing though. While you might have a CBD-rich cannabis plant, in the US, there isn’t any legal use of unrefined cannabis with CBD and THC in food or drink. That is unless the THC is from the hemp plant and low enough in THC not to have any effects on the brain. There’s no legal use of THC (outside the US cannabis de-regulated states) except in rare prescription use. And in the US, Cannabis/THC is considered a Schedule I narcotic.

CBD is the safe one of the two substances CBD and THC. You can take CBD in supplement form as long as the THC content is very low indeed. CBD is often included in other alternative medical products in order to get the benefits, and these can still be a legal use of THC as well.

2021’s Best Kinds of CBD Pills and Capsules

CBD has been studied in the treatment of epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and the like. Most of the studies have focused on CBD or a form of CBD, that’s all contained in supplements. A growing number of studies are looking at CBD in conjunction with other marijuana compounds, such as THC or both. This is probably because the body has a difficult time making use of the CBD itself. It’s absorbed as COX-2 and then metabolized so that’s something to think of when asking what are the different types of CBD.

It’s a bit of a catch-22. If you begin taking CBD for the purpose of treating a medical condition, it may or may not work. You can legally give yourself a CBD-rich supplement and it may help you. But when you later seek medical advice they will probably tell you that you shouldn’t have been taking it. The fact is that the medical profession has to be careful. But most people think they are being too cautious. While they wait for more and more studies you could be gaining the CBD benefit.

Choosing a CBD Oil: Favorite Oils to Try

It’s a conundrum that seems impossible to solve unless you just balance the risk versus the considerable benefits most people speak of, and get CBD. When asking what are the different types of CBD, always consider whether CBD is available legally. In some countries, we have no doubt that even CBD is still illegal. Readers in those nations may have to travel to another country or sign up for an international subscription. The easiest way to get a subscription is to pay for a monthly subscription. It’s a monthly cost, but you get the company to send you a batch of CBD supplements every month. With many full-spectrum hemp CBD supplement sellers, you can also sign up for an annual subscription. Those may cost you a few hundred dollars every year but per tablet, but they often work out quite a lot cheaper.

An annual subscription will give you a dozen monthly batches of supplements. The price they charge can be less when asking what are the different types of CBD. That’s because the company knows that they’re making money on a full-spectrum oil subscription over the whole year.

What are the Different Types of CBD? – Risks and side effects of THC

So you may be wondering why THC supplements are illegal, due to the many risks and side effects of THC. The reason is simple. The inclusion of THC in any tablet is still banned in many countries. Even where it is allowed on prescription it has to be given out only by medics. THC is not approved for therapeutic use and is only intended to treat very serious medical conditions. Conditions that could easily end your life. In such circumstances, should there be a negative side-effect it is less of a concern as the person may have been dead already but for taking the tablets. The same rule does not apply to vitamins, laxatives, and any other supplement that is marketed to the general public. The reason is that the benefits of those pills are not big enough to outweigh the negative impact of even a fairly minor negative side-effect.

Importance of third-party testing

When asking what are the different types of CBD, always be aware that whatever type you choose you do need to look for trustworthy third-party testing. CBD supplements intended for medical use, are only prescribed by medical doctors and are subjected to extensive third-party testing. That being the case it is quite natural that they are not approved by the FDA for therapeutic use. Unfortunately, that being the circumstances are they not approved for non-therapeutic use either. The FDA makes all their determinations after a report is submitted to them. They read the report and base their decisions on impartial scientific advice. Most people taking alternative medicine supplements say the FDA take too long and are a long way too cautious. But, you can’t tell them what to do. When asking what are the different types of CBD, always be aware that if you could dictate to the FDA what they should approve things would be a lot different.

How Do CBD oil and hemp seed oil differ?

Genuine high-quality hemp seed oil should not contain THC whereas CBD oil from the cannabis plant needs the THC removed before sale. But the simple truth is, anyone can go to the US Drug Administration (FDA) website and obtain a product label, an MSDS (Material Safety and Service Specifications) for the specific product you are considering. What they don’t always tell you, is all the ingredients. When asking what are the different types of CBD, always be aware that this is something that you can’t get from the FDA.

The FDA doesn’t help you know what you are taking when a supplement is not an approved pharmaceutical product. There is no equivalent quality of information that says what these un-approved supplements contain. That’s a shame. But, the FDA simply doesn’t have a way to determine what the ingredients are in the non-approved product you may be considering. You’re the one who must find the information out, which may not be so easy to do.

What are the Different Types of CBD?

The oils and liquids come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The largest tablets may be difficult for you to swallow. The creams that you spread on your body are the most popular form. But, for some people, CBD might prove difficult for the stomach to accept.

The answer to why CBD supplements which contain significant proportions of THC are illegal. It is unfortunate that the FDA is hampered, just like the rest of us, by drug abuse laws and hence doesn’t regulate them. The unfortunate ramification to that is that the FDA doesn’t test them to know what they contain.

The FDA’s regulations are for foods and drugs, not for natural health products like broad-spectrum CBD supplements. CBD supplements are very popular and are widely available, so if you want to try them for yourself, be my guest.

Choosing a CBD Oil: Favorite Oils to Try

CBD supplements, like other nutritional products, are sold by many different manufacturers, so you will see many companies advertising that they sell “cannabidiol.” This term can be confusing because it can mean different things. It can mean some combination of pills, liquids, capsules, or oils. So, in general, the best thing to do is to look at the manufacturer website to see what they mean by it. If they say, “CBD supplements are taken orally,” that is good. You should look for a company that makes supplements and sells them that way. If a happy user’s CBD review says, “these supplements were taken in the form of tincture,” then you also should look for a company that makes those.

How to choose the best CBD products

As we mentioned already, you will find that spectrum CBD supplements are available in a wide variety of forms, such as pills, liquid, capsules, and oils. The second most popular of those is probably the oil form since it is easy for the stomach to digest. If you prefer to take pills, it is easy to swallow them and easy for your body to absorb them.

“These supplements are taken in the form of tincture” means that the tincture has small doses, and so your body can absorb it. The downside to that is that if you wait a long time for a result, you are less likely to notice a difference in how good you feel. Most people will notice a difference in how good they feel.

Another thing to check is whether the supplement is standardized for CBD. If you buy from a company that does not use standardized amounts of it, you may notice that you get different results with different dosages. By standardization, it means the company is committed to giving you the same quality of equally high purity, whether you take tablets containing 100 milligrams, 1000 milligrams, or 5000 milligrams.

Learning About the Best Kinds of CBD Supplements

You can learn a lot about a product by checking what the product actually is. If you find a so-called cannabis product on open sale in any US state where cannabis remains illegal, it’s not really cannabis. If it says it’s made from cannabis or marijuana oil, you can be pretty sure it’s not a THC containing product at all. It is really just going to be a placebo. There are companies out there that will say that their product is cannabis because they want you to think that what you are buying is really cool. They say that because they want you to believe that you will actually get high from it. They say it to trap you into thinking that you are getting high because it’s not going to be proper cannabis that’s in it, but something else.

CBD supplements aren’t just for old people. You can find these supplements for all men, women, children, and of course, seniors.

The Best Kind of CBD Supplements

When you’re looking for the best kind of full-spectrum CBD supplements, you want to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your body. So, the best kinds of CBD supplements are the ones that don’t contain any toxic or unhealthy chemicals at all. Then, there are the good and legal products that contain high levels of CBD, so you don’t get too much of this or too little of that. Then, there are the very latest molecular-distilled products that are manufactured in a way that’s very pure and doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals.

Using a process called molecular distillation to clean the supplement up gives it big benefits. A lot of supplements are not made this way, because it’s expensive. Also, this makes the supplement less bioavailable, which means it will be less well-absorbed into the body. There are a lot of companies out there who will now use this method. But, read-up about this before you buy as some say that they give you better benefits, but others point out that the body will not be able to get all the benefits from it.

One of the best kinds of supplements to take for your brain and body is something like CBD that has been created with benefits for the body, plus extra benefits for your brain. The best kind of CBD supplements is manufactured to give you those benefits. When you do that, you’ll start to feel the difference. When you feel that boost you will realize that it’s the best kind of CBD supplement for your body and your mind.

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