Pantry Organization For Food Storage

Effective pantry organization for food storage is a domestic skill that is no longer taught.
Food storage is a valuable skill for food safety and also for household budgeting.
The pantry started to change in the 80’s and 90’s with ready made meals and pre packaged kits purchased  and the buying bulk staple ingredients of past generations went out of fashion.
Cooking from scratch was a luxury for households who had the time and resources.
Pre packaged became the norm for families short on time, money and kitchen space.


A Well Set Out Pantry Is Back In Fashion

Recently the current kitchen trends has put the spotlight back onto the humble pantry and they have now become a feature of a kitchen and therefore people are back interested in having their food storage options on display and being used.

A butler’s pantry (or walk in pantry) is the must have of any modern kitchen for those with the luxury of space.
The primary purpose of a butler’s pantry is to provide space to prepare food and clean up without cluttering up your main kitchen.

They also provide lots of open storage shelving and space for groceries, serving ware and any counter top appliances you may not wish to have in your main kitchen.
Having rows of canisters filled with staples like rice, beans, pasta, flours, sugars and cereals creates a dynamic display and adds to the decor.
Make sure that your food displays all tie in together.
You may decide to use the same type of canister or jar
An easier and more cost effective option is to use the same food labels on all the containers.
Having a pre printed set will ensure that they look striking and are clearly labeled with washable and sturdy labels

Pantry Organization


Food Is Stored By Almost Every Human Society And By Many Animals.

Storing of food has several main purposes: 

  • Storage of harvested and processed food for distribution to consumers
  • Enabling a better balanced diet throughout the year
  • Reducing kitchen waste by preserving unused or uneaten food for later use
  • Preserving pantry food, such as spices or dry ingredients like rice and flour
  • Preparedness for emergencies and periods of food scarcity or famine.


A Well-Organized Pantry Is A Game-Changer For Any Home Cook

Creating a well-stocked and organized pantry takes time. When most people start out it will be for the essentials like  flour and sugar.
As time goes on, adding long expiry items like rice, pasta, spices and canned food and then continue to keep adding as you figure out what will used the most and wanted to have on hand. Replacing the items you have used will also become a part of your shopping routine.
Some ingredients will also need an expiry date to be noted .
You can snip off a portion of the food labels and stick it to the jar. Or you can create a small label with the best before date on it and stick it at the back of the storage container

It can be too easy for the pantry to become an out-of-sight, out-of-mind catch all for half-empty containers, spare plastic bags, and more unnecessary clutter so keeping  regular eye on what is in there will help cut down the food wastage.

Spring Clean The Pantry And Kitchen

The pantry needs a spring clean every 6 months to 12 months. If your area is prone to pantry moths you may want to do this every 3 months to keep a check on these pantry pests that can wipe out all of your stored food.
Purging out clutter is one thing, but getting your food organized does not have to complicated.
Make the most of your cabinets and refrigerator, investing in handy food storage containers will make all the difference.
Looking for airtight containers will add extra protection against pests like pantry moths and avoid food spoilage if you line in a tropical climate where humidity and moisture spoils food.

The Right Storage Containers

Whether your cooking workspace is big or small, kitchen canisters keep the necessary ingredients within reach.
Baking with the kids? know exactly where the flour or sugar is with clear storage jars.
Place two or three on the counter for easy accessibility while whipping up muffins or cupcakes for school.
If you’d rather keep dry goods concealed, opt for a wood kitchen canister with a label instead.

Place them together on top of the refrigerator or on different shelves in the cabinet.
Canisters can be used elsewhere in the house, too.
Store cotton balls, combs, cotton swabs and more within the enclosures , neatly aligning them over the bathroom sink.


Glass Canisters And Jars

Glass containers are popular for numerous reasons, but one of the main advantages they offer is the fact that they are practically indestructible unless you drop them.
A sturdy design makes them invaluable when you’re in the kitchen–they last for a very long time regardless of what you do to them.
They are  clear and easy to see through, which makes food and product identification a lot easier.
Because of what they’re made of, they can withstand temperatures from freezing to near boiling.
This means you can store them in both the freezer and fill them with hot foods without any worries.
In addition, glass containers can actually resist oils and acids from the foods inside them and still maintain their clarity regardless of how long you’ve had them around, making them truly invaluable in the kitchen.


Display Your Canisters On The Bench

Good quality canisters can be left on kitchen benches!
Often the canisters left on display will be for what you use the most often in the kitchen
Tea, coffee and sugar are kept near a kettle.
Salt and spices are often kept near the stove top while you are cooking so you can add what you need while you taste test and adjust.

If you do display your seasonings, they will stay fresher for longer in traditional glass jars with a well fitted lid.
If you are storing your spices near the stove top, steam and condensation from cooking foods will spoil your spices if you do not ensure that they are well sealed.
Stainless steel tins can be another great storage option for spices – But again make sure the lid seals well. Some tins are loose fitting and not air tight.
Wall-mounted or freestanding racks come in warm wood and sleek metal designs that fit various kitchen styles.
Stands with jars filled with flavoring for your favourite dishes are ideal for new kitchens or starting a spice collection.
If you opt for the stainless steel tins you can also use a magnetic stands or sheets and have your tins at hand on the side of the refrigerator


Have Your Spice Jar Labels Easy To Read

Always make sure your spice jar labels are easy to read.
Labeling spice jars label is essential for the following reasons:

  • Allows the easy tracking of the spices that are already available in the pantry or storage area.
  • Helps people, especially guests, to know the spices that they need and in which jar these spices are stored.
  • It helps in the organization of spices storage which makes it easier to get the spice that you need during specific food preparation or cooking processes.
  • Allows the jar to be used for the same spices that it held once should supply already run out so that it will not mix with the other flavors of different spices.

spice jar labels


Eat Out Of Your Pantry

What to do if your pantry is overflowing?
Use it!
When my pantry is fully stocked and we have some bills coming, we often do pantry challenges where we eat only from the pantry from a couple of weeks.
This is a great way to reduce the grocery budget temporarily too when financing a larger purchase.
If you have some big expenses coming up – Eating out of your pantry will dramatically cut your weekly shopping expense.

When finances are back on track you can stock up again on the items that you know you will use.
It can be a little bit creative at times when looking at only tinned and dry ingredients to work out what goes with what but it can be a fun time to experiment.
Moving house is another great time to do this to  finish all the food that has been stored in the freezer and the pantry.
Clear labeling of food is vital when this is the case. You do not want to be using the wrong items and wasting what you have stored.

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