electrician business coach

Electrician Business Coaching Do I Need it?

Business Coaching that delivers real results for electricians.

Make 2022 your year for your electrical business to shine!


Electrician business coaching

Don’t spend another year not knowing if your electrical business is making you as much money as it should be
The highest performing electrical companies to rely on Business Coaching to grow and scale their businesses.
Learn to get the 3 biggest issues quickly sorted

  • More Better Profit
  • Better Cash Flow
  • Higher Performing Staff.

Starting an electrical business requires research, risk, passion and planning.

In 2022 a great idea, talent or enthusiasm are not enough to guarantee success.
For business owners with a dream, the stages of business evaluation and start-up can bring excitement, uncertainty and financial risk.

Get the right coaching and support for electricians and tradespeople considering starting a business.
Starting a business requires a sound business foundation!
This includes :

  • The right business structure
  • Insurance
  • Software and job management systems
  • Professional advice

electrician business coach

A successful trades or electrical business starts with a solid base

Over the years, we have earned a reputation as coaching specialists for electrical start-ups and established electrical businesses.
We can support and guide you through the labyrinth of setting up a business.

We recommend that anyone at the start-up stage should prepare a business plan and a cash flow budget, and we
can provide you with free templates for both of these planning tools.
Our marketing expertise is one of our biggest advantages
difference to other business coaches and we can help you with your branding, brochures and digital publications.

Starting an electrical business is a bit like playing chess: to succeed, you need to make the the right opening moves.
Reach out and contact us and so you can explore our different business coaching program levels
Yes -We can help from a Start-up to a well established electrical business.
We know your industry intimately and are passionate about for your business success

The best electrician business coaching delivers actual results.

What about your electrical contracting business?
As an electrical contractor, you may think your business is doing well. And maybe it is.
But how do you know if your business is doing as well as it could?
BusinessSight has delivered thousands of coaching sessions in person and online.

Do you want to out how your electrical business is performing – the results may surprise you.

Discover what’s possible for your electrical business:

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Get an overview of the numbers in your business.
  3. Planning for the future

Stay ahead of your competition.

We can help you find a niche within the industry that has lower competition, decent profit margins and higher barriers to entry so you can stay ahead of your competitors


  • Cash flow improvements
  • Sales conversions
  • Supplier pricing
  • Cost management
  • Productivity
  • Systems in place


Is Your business is bulletproof?

We have proven systems and processes to overcome all adversity.
Achieve lasting success for your electrical business.
Develop an A-grade team

Reclaim your life.

Spend more time off the tools and spend more time on your business and enjoying life with family and friends.
Make this year your year!

Business coaching for electricians.

We combine expert coaching and quality mentoring to solve the immediate problems in your electrical business (residential or commercial) and develop a long-term strategy for growth and profitability.

If your goal is to grow your electrical business, expand your team or increase your profitability,
Our business coaching & mentoring is for tradespeople only!

Grow your electrical business

Many electrical businesses see great opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Repairs, maintenance, and new equipment installation are commonplace, which means there’s plenty of work to go around, and those businesses that implement and act on the right business strategies can achieve incredible growth and profits.

Thanks to our many years of experience in supporting trades businesses, we know exactly which strategies are best and how to implement them. Our three-step process helps solve immediate business problems and create long-term plans to grow or increase the profitability of your business (or both!).

Strategies for electricians

Every type of trade or building business faces different problems and these are the most common for electrical businesses!


  • Billing on time
  • Creating the right situation to hire employees
  • Ensuring that employees are profitable
  • Balancing private and commercial work
  • Introducing and scaling seasonal work
  • Managing a team with the right systems and management tools

Do you own an electrical business that owns you?
Is your business taking up all your time and not making you nearly as much money as you would like?
One of the first things a business coach will help you to do is to give you back some of your time.
Whether it is blocking out every Friday afternoon or blocking out a 2-week break so you can go on a holiday.
Giving you back time is crucial so you can avoid burnout.

Coach for the electrical industry

As your electrical industry business coach, I use my personal experiences as a business owner to guide you through the process of building a stronger business.

I have learned a lot over the years and would like to share my knowledge and experience with others.

As your coach, I will help you to take on challenges.
I will guide you and help you make informed decisions that move your business forward.
The leading Australian electrical companies hire us as the business coach for their electrical company.

Contact me today if you’re struggling to make ends meet or just not making as much money as you’d like!
As your electrical business coach, I’ll help you take your business to the next level and beyond!

Business Coaching for Electrical Services

Take your electrical business from average to exceptional with our coaching programs and personalized business plans.

Of the many verticals in the home services industry, the electrical industry faces the biggest challenges in creating business plans.

Fortunately, our team of expert business coaches has many years of experience in and with the electrical industry.


Empower employees and satisfy customers

Customer service representatives
Your customer service representatives have a significant impact on your bottom line.
Our electrical trade coaching program ensures that call completion rates increase to 90% or higher and technicians are dispatched to the right service calls.
The results of our coaching program will be reflected in your revenue immediately.
We can make sure it stays that way for the long term and your team will keep getting stronger and stronger.

Increased revenue through a focused business coaching

Getting off the tools!

Many electricians and all other professionals dream of “getting off tools”.

This can mean a variety of things to different electricians.
For some, this may simply mean spending more time creating quotes rather than performing physical labour on a daily basis.
For others, it may mean being free of day-to-day operations in order to focus on other professional or personal endeavours.

To help your business grow, it’s critical to step away from the tools and focus on the business itself.

If you spend your entire day on tools, your electrical business will never grow.
You require time to work on strategy, process improvement, relationship building, and opportunity identification.

If you spend all day on the tools, you will never be able to grow your electrical business. You need time to work on strategy, process improvement, building relationships and looking for new opportunities.

Your Customer Care And Sales Team

A knowledgeable sales team is a fundamental aspect of the success of your business. With our training, your salespeople will become masters of lead generation and closing.
Our methods have been proven to increase close rates to 90% or more for referred leads and 60% or more for high-priced leads.
Give your sales team the expert coaching and training they deserve to increase your profits.
Bring new life to your company by having sales staff confidently close the phone call leads that come into your business.

Suppose you want to fix underperforming sales or stagnation in your business.
With expert coaching from our experienced trainers is just the jump-start your electrical business needs.
We’ll identify the problems you’re having with your pricing models, service system and business forecasts.
We increase customer satisfaction by improving the company culture and thoroughly training employees.

Lead your business to peak performance

No one can spur hard work as a good manager.
Our coaching and training program give managers the skills and techniques they need to fulfill their leadership potential.
They learn how to hire good employees even in a highly competitive job market.
Your managers will bring new life and energy to their work and your electrical company with our leadership program.
Happy staff will result in a happy team all working towards the same business goals.

Are you ready to take your electrical business to the next level?
You maybe still unsure if business coaching is the right step for you? We get it!!
Every single client we have helped had exactly the same doubts.
When you are looking for a business coach there are a few things you should do!
Look at their client reviews – See Our Google Reviews
Speak to some of the businesses that have gone through a coaching program.
Interview the coach – They are joining your business as a new team member.
See if you can work together.
Look at the terms and conditions of a coaching program and understand guarantees about the money back if you are not satisfied.

You can read more about Australian Electrician Business Coaching at  BusinessSight


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